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Star of David Meaning

The shape of the star of David is an example of ' hexagram , a symbol also significant for other religions than judaism. The hexagram is to be dated before the use of the Jews. Outside the Jewish system is mainly used in the occult, it is an ancient symbol found on ancient temples Indians built thousands of years ago. Symbolized the Nara-Narayana , or perfect meditative balance between Man and God, and, if maintained, would bring in " Moksha , "or" Nirvana "(liberation from the limits of the world and its Terrenal materialistic traps) .

Another theory on the form origin is to be found only in 2 of the 3 Hebrew letters of the name David. David in the Hebrew script is written with only 3 characters, two of which are the "D" (or "Daleth" in Hebrew). In ancient times, this letter was written in a way very similar to a triangle, more or less like the Greek letter "Delta" with which it shares the same sound and the position (fourth) in their respective alphabets, as well as the D in Italian and in other Western alphabets. The symbol could be a simple family crest formed by overlapping and reversing the two most important letters of the name of the founder.

Some researchers have even theorized that the Star of David represents the situation in the astral at the time of the birth of David or of his coronation as king. The star of David is also known as the Star of the King in astrological circles, and was also an astrological symbol in Zoroastrianism . In ancient papyri , the staves , along with stars and other symbols, was often found on amulets with the Hebrew name of God , and was used to protect against fever and other diseases. Oddly enough, it was the hexagram of these amulets. In Great magical papyrus at Paris and in London we can find 22 symbols on each side and a circle with twelve symbols, but are not available staves or hexagrams. The "Practical" Kabbalah makes use of this symbol by ordering the ten Sephiroth , and placing it on amulets. However, the symbol is not on the classic Kabbalistic texts such as the Zohar , the writings of Rabbi Isaac Luria and other similar language. Therefore we can say that this use, in the diagram sephirotic , is nothing more than a reinterpretation of existing magic symbols.

Popular etymology would be that the Star of David was literally taken from the shield of the young warrior David (who would later become King David). To save metal, the shield would be made with a metal cross two triangles with a leather cover. Obviously there is no clear historical evidence of the accuracy of this folk etymology, although we can definitely say that it is the result of inventive genius. The traditional interpretation sees a triangle "watery" and "female" with the apex pointing up and a "fiery" and "masculine" with the apex pointing down. In a second time, overcome this dualism, the cosmology began to speak of the four elements making up the universe. The triangle with the apex pointing upwards' s "air" and with the top down on the "earth."

Another jewel shape with a meaning is a heart jewelry. It always means love. When somebody offer a heart jewel to someone else it is for expressing his love to this person.