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Shape of the Shield
The Shield of David is not mentioned in ancient rabbinic literature. It is noteworthy, however, that there is archaeological evidence of the use of this symbol in the Holy Land in ancient times, even after the time of King David. Scientists agree that even during the period of the Second Temple, the Shield of David was not a widely recognized symbol of Israel . A hypothetical Shield of David , however, has recently been noted on a plaque in Hebrew Taranto dated to the third century BC, Hebrew legends are connected to the symbol of the Seal of Solomon , the magical signet ring used by King Solomon to control demons and spirits. The Jewish legends also connect the symbol to a magic shield possessed by King David, which theoretically would protect him from enemies.

Scholars have also proposed that it may be a relic of the religious practices of the ' Ancient Egypt , adopted by the Israelites who had to do with the occult and the syncretism of the earliest period of King Solomon.
The first mention of the Jewish literature of the Shield of David is the ' Eshkol ha-Kofer of Karaita Hadassi Judah (half of the twelfth century CE ) and states in Chapter 242: "Seven names of angels precede the mezuzah : Michael, Gabriel, etc.. ... Tetragrammaton protect them all! And the symbol called 'Shield of David' is placed beside the name of each angel. "So it was once again a symbol of an amulet.
A manuscript the Tanakh dated 1307 and belonging to Rabbi Yehuda bar Joseph well Marvaso of Toledo , in Spain , was decorated with a Star of David .

The hexagram may have been used as ornaments synagogues, even in the cathedrals of Brandenburg and Stendal , Marktkirche on to Hanover , and in the churchyard of the cathedral of Vigevano . A pentagram in this form is found also on the synagogue of Tell Hum.

Shield with stars of Davids
In 1354 , the King of Bohemia Charles IV prescribed for the Jews of Prague a red flag with the shield of David , while the red flag with which the Jews met King Matthias of Hungary in the fifteenth century, had two pentagrams with two golden stars (Schwandtner, Scriptores Rerum Hungaricarum, ii. 148). The staff, therefore, was evidently in use among the Jews. You can see already in a manuscript from the year 1073 (facsimile in M. Friedmann, Seder Eliyahu Rabbah ve-Seder Eliyahu Ztta, Vienna, 1901).
In 1460 , the Jews of Ofen ( Budapest , Hungary ) received King Mathios Kuruvenus with a red flag with two Shields of David and two stars. In the first book of prayers in Hebrew , printed in Prague in 1512 , a large Shield of David appeared on the cover. The imprint of the book was written: "Every man under his banner agrees with the house of his fathers ... and deserves to give a gift kindly on each bearing the Shield of David . " In 1592 , Mordechai Maizel was given permission to display a "flag of King David, similar to the Main Synagogue" in his synagogue in Prague. In 1648 the Jews of Prague was again given permission to display a flag as a reward for having participated in defending the city against the Swedes . On a red background appeared a gold Star of David at the center of a star who was Swedish.